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K9 Committee

Welcome to K9 Committee as a committee member you receive the following benefits while on the committee.

  • up to 4 dogs to train per year

  • Free Membership for the year

  • Special classes or webinars/seminars are optional to pay (these tend to be fundraising so it's up to each individual if they wish to pay) unless discussed otherwise (like when we need to cover costs at a min.

As stated in the club's constitution The Committee must meet at least 4 times per year, however, it tends to be more than that depending on trials, topics raised, and circumstances. As per the constitution, The Committee may grant a committee member leave of absence from committee meetings for a period not exceeding 3 months.

Please take the time to read the constitution so you fully understand your requirements. 

You are expected to check Facebook regularly and reply to questions posted within 48hrs - A committee is all not just some so all opinions count. 

Our FOC (friends of Committee) are: Kris, Darren, Sally

2024 K9 Committee Job's

Instructor – Katie

  • Email before the month to remind them

  • Remind foundation people to read notes and use equipment from the beginners course

  • Remind novice to pick their skill they need to teach

  • Remind instructors they need to captain their set up or find a captain

  • Contact instructors about upgrades if unknown about dogs ability

  • Contact member requesting upgrade and inform if they are ok or not Classes


  • Create the courses each week for novice/beginners Cassie  Stephy & *Darren W

  • Make sure master/inter instructors post their courses and check the equipment used is allocated to them Sue B

  • Post apology email each month a week before the month starts Stephy


Class booking-Cassie 

  • Open week 3 close week 4 

  • Inform members what Foundation and beginners # is approaching (can check with Katie) 

  • Check the club page to see if anyone has requested to go up.

  • Remember to email reminder as well as fb 


Class Check List & Splits-Katie  or Sarah T

  • Post on comm page first to check mistakes

  • Then post on club page

  • Refunds when needed covered by Cassie

Equipment – Tracey Weaver

  • Upkeep of equipment and get fixed what needs to be done.


New members -Lisa

  • Post Questionnaire to Club page requesting members to advise people we are opening new members (Questionnaire in google forms) 

  • Sort Reponses and consult Committee 

  • reply to those committee approve to let them know assessment time date Etc. (Email in Google doc) 

  • Work out Assessor team (3 people 2 committee include *Sally Haynes )Assessment sheet in Google docs. 

  • Results need to be discussed with committee then email sent (email in Google Docs)

  • Send newbie info (in Google docs) 

  • Membership form in Google form send link (should be in info from google Docs)

  • Make sure they pay m’ship & help the process

  • Make sure they understand how to book monthly classes

  • Check vaccine before starting

  • Post on fb to welcome new members and just advise people to welcome them and help them get to know club.


Trailer Tower – Greg

  • Make sure we have a tower each month

  • Arrange 3 cart helpers set up & Pack up 

  • Make sure light tokens are up to date (inform Lisa if more need to be purchased)


Trailer hire - Sue B

  • Be the go too person for all enquirers

  • Make sure the trailer has a k9 member to help pack it up

  • Make sure there are K9 members/committee to open shed etc.

  • Make sure payment is made and contracts signed before using

  • Check with Katie on Equipment list is up to date

Timing gates – ~Trish Set #1 ~Geraldine Set #2  OPEN

  • Renee arranges who takes what set 

  • Someone needs to contact trial sec who hires and send bank details so they can pay $25.00 per set per day.


Newsletter Katie and Stephy

  • A min of 2 newsletters per year

  • Keeping track of news stories to add to the newsletter


Website - Katie

  • Keeping the website up to date


Emails-Cassie -Stephy ? need someone else???

  • To check emails every 2 days and let the committee know who needs to deal with each one

  • When checking emails change back to unread- unless you action it so others can see.

DV Grounds bookings -Cassie

  • Remember to contact DV when we don't train 

  • Submit our yearly bookings of ground in area 2


  • Be on top of Congratulations posts from events - you don't need to create the posts but just be on top of making committee aware they need to be done! 


Weather  & Tokens – Lisa

  • Make sure the weather is checked and start the conversation on Committee FB Page

  • Make sure a decision is made(This needs to be done before 4.30 pm)

  • Post decision on the club page

Weaver Schedule & Bookings Sue B

  • Advertise this a few times a year to remind people its a thing

  • Take bookings for weaver hire 

  • Arrange for pick up and drop off

Yearly Titles  –Tracey 

  • Arrange Title Gift

  • online form is done

Life Membership Stephy

  • Plaque 

  • trophy 

Merchandise  –Julie

  • I've set this up with Sports Centre however if we go ahead with the custom tops someone will need to contact them to set up the campaign u

  • you could also add items you might see appropriate 

Gifts  –Julie

  • Gift cards or gifts purchased during the year for various reasons

  • Organise once committee decides & be in charge of seeing it through.

Food  –Tracey Weaver

  • Quantities, purchase, organise all things food/catering

  • Trials, Seminars, events, meetings

Shed Keys (who has keys) 

Katie K

Lisa R

Sharon P

Darren W

Cassie C
Stephy L

Tracey W

Sarah T
Nikki J

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