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K9 Classes are run every Thursday from Jan through to November ( July & August we do not

run our usual structured classes, however we do run special training sessions e.g. Tricks etc.)

***IMPORTANT: To train at K9 Agility Club you do need to be a member of the club (see membership details below)

Set up 7.00pm
7.30pm Advance

Advanced is the highest current level at K9 Agility Club

7.30 pm Novice

Criteria to pass up to Intermediate

Please email to request promotion ​

8.40pm Intermediate

Criteria to pass up to Advance

Please email to request promotion ​

8.40pm Foundation

Foundation #1-3 
12 week course
(ages are Approximately)

Foundation #1- Min Age 5mths old
Foundation #2- Min Age 11mths

Foundation #3- Min age 12mths

Criteria to pass up to beginners:
Handlers need to attend majority of classes

set up 2021.jpg
3 stage Beginners 8.40pm 

Beginners Min Age 12mths

Learning Verbal Cues with 

1-2 jump and Tunnel

Duration - 4 weeks


Small drills & Sequencing using your verbal skills from Beginners and adding in handling moves.

Pre Novice 

Breaking down the novice course into 2-3 parts and putting together as full course if time permits.

Packup 9.40pm

Heat Policy:

K9 Heat policy can be found here


To apply for class promotion you must send an email to stating what class you are wanting to be promoted to.


**Committee has the right to assess individuals for promotion




Each month booking is required, this is done through K9entries a post reminding members bookings are open will be posted on our FB group around the 3rd week of training.




Cost: $30 per month per dog
Instructors get up to 2 dogs to train free for the year.

Walk in Classes:

K9 now offer the flexibility to book a walk in class for members who forgot to book or would only want to book 1-2 weeks. These classes are $15.00 per dog.



At K9 we do not have a waiting list to join, our membership process is to advertise for new members when there are vacancies and people will be asked to complete a New Members Application form. We suggest you keep an eye on the Vic Agility Facebook Page which is where we will advertise when seeking new members.


The below link has details to agility & trailing in Victoria there are clubs listed and adverts regarding private training and classes.


Foundation & Beginners Timetable:


This is a rough guide to the months of the upcoming Foundation & Beginners Classes for 2023. Please note this is subject to change depending on class numbers.

2023 classes.jpg

Our ages are a guideline only,  our programs are flexible so if you are unsure please contact committee to discuss.

Foundation 1- (weeks1-4) approx. min Age 5mths

Foundation 2- (weeks 5-8) approx. min Age 11mths

Foundation 3- (weeks 9-12) approx.. min age 12th 


*Updated Nov 2022- Please note this is subject to change to best suit the majority of the clubs members. Please only use this as a rough guide to help plan your training at K9.

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