Crates in class:


Crates are mandatory in all classes at all levels "No Crate, No Train" policy."

When participating in a class that has a crate requirement, we would like to outline the 3 actions for class participants:
1. Actively working (Handler is actively working their dog under the guidance/direction of the instructor)

2. Actively engaged (handler is working with the dog on lead away from the actively working dogs, under  direction from their instructor). 

3. Crated - Dog is crated for some downtime, handlers can gather their thoughts, chat, contemplate/reflect or walk the course, organise their treats/toys minus the distraction of the dog.
Used effectively crates can be a value add to all training programs

Absconding rules to follow:
To help keep all dogs safe and keep classes flowing we ask you please familiarise yourself with K9 Absconding Policy with this easy to follow flow chart. 
Your instructor will enforce this but we do ask that each individual please take it upon themselves to follow the rules and remove themselves from class is needed. 


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Heat Policy:


If the temperature is 32+deg at 4.30 pm training will be cancelled. The temperature will be taken from the Bureau of Meteorology website, using the Ballam Park observations (or the Moorabbin Airport observations if the Ballam Park information is not available).

K9 Trials:
K9 runs 2 trials throughout the year. We rely on the support of our club members to help make our trials an amazing success each year so please make sure you help support our trials by volunteering your help in any way possible.